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Ring Joint Gasket
API Ring Joint Gasket comes in Oval and Octagonal cross section for Type R , RX and Bx type are made to API 6A specification. 
Double-jacketed Gasket
Double-jacketed gaskets are particularly suited for application like heat- exchanger and boiler. When pass partition bars are required, we offer a welded pass bar construction. Many standard bar configurations are available, special configurations on request.
Camprofile Gasket
Camprofile gaskets are used by the chemical and petrochemical industry, as well as in power stations and refineries, on both standard pipe-work and specialist applications, e.g. shell and tube heat exchangers, etc.
Camprofile gaskets offer outstanding flexibility and recovery, assuring seal integrity under pressure and temperature fluctuations, flange rotation, bolt stress relaxation and creep.
REINZOPLAST Does not crack under pressure
For Micro Sealing, fine-tuned component in engines, 
gearboxes and axles.
• Non-hardening
• Easy to assemble
• Does not crack under pressure
• Temperature range > - 50ºC to 300ºC
Compress Non- Asbestos Fibre

Teadit NA-1002 

It is being manufactured by means of a hot calender process under rigorous quality control standards which are registered under ISO 9001 certification. TEADIT style NA-1002 is a compressed non-asbestos jointing-sheet material produced from Aramid fibres, bonded with Nitrile rubber (NBR).

IDT Group

IDT Group

IDT group develops, manufactures and distributes high quality sealing products for use in apparatus, vessels, piplines, fittings and pumps. Our main customers are chemical and petro-chemical companies, refineries, power stations and plant engineering companies.

Graphite Gasket

SGL Sigraflex – Hochdruck 

SIGRAFLEX® HOCHDRUCK is a high-integrity multilayer laminate made from impregnated nuclear-grade graphite foil and stainless steel foils. The sealing sheet is impregnated to reduce leakage and improve handling.

Chesterton Non-Abestos Gaskets

Carbon Fiber 457

Carbon Fiber/ Nitrile Binder Sheet is a high temperature, non-asbestos sheet gasket material formulated for a wide variety of gasketing needs. 457 is recommended for use in a broad range of steam, water, oil and hydrocarbon applications. 457 is not recommended for use in chlorinated hydrocarbons, aromatic and ester ketones.

PTFE Gasket

Teadit TF 1580

TEADIT TF 1580 is a structured PTFE – Gasket – Sheet manufactured by a unique process which provides a high level of fibrillation to overcome the creep relaxation and cold flow problems associated with normal (skived or moulded) PTFE sheets. TEADIT TF1580 is produced from virgin PTFE resin filled with Barium Sulfate

Rubber Gaskets

Trelleborg Gaskets

Trelleborg is able to offer the widest product range of rubber sheeting for today’s market : Natural Rubber, SBR, Nitrile, HNBR, Chloroprene, EPDM, Silicone, Viton, CPE, CSM, Vamac® etc.

Chesterton Spiral Wound Gaskets

Spiral Wound Gasket

A Spiral Wound Gasket consists of thin metal windings wound together with a soft filler material such as graphite, PTFE placed between the windings. The final profile of the gasket when loaded remains energized by the internal fluid pressure and the combination of internal and external support rings.

• API 6FB Fire Safe Certificate 
• PTFE – 260 Deg C 
• Graphite – 450 Deg C up to 650 Deg C with steam more insert contact
• TA Luft approve
Ring Type Joint Gaskets

RTJ Gaskets

Type R gaskets can be manufactured in accordance with all relevant standards to suit the following flange designations: API-6A, ASME/ANSI B16.5, MSS SP44 (ASME B16.47 SERIES A) & BS 1560.

High Performance Thermal Gasket Max. Temperature : 950 Deg C.

Victor Reinz – Xtreme Plus

Xtreme Plus withstand temperatures up to 950 Deg C,and provides a high sealing potential over the entire temperature range. Due to its high compresssibility and elasticity, this gasket material is extremely conformable, compensates component deformations in an optimal manner, and exhibits constant material properties also under changing operating conditions.

High Performance Thermal Gasket, Max Temperature @ 1100 Deg. C.

Isoplan 1100

Special high-performance biodegradable, mineral and ceramic fibres are the basic material used to manufacture isoplan® products.When combined with appropriate fillers and binders, the result is high continuous temperature resistance which leads to low heat conductivity and very good insulation properties.