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Application Specific | Stern Tubes/ Rudder Post / Shaft Bulkhead Glands Stern-Lon Flax


Chesterton 329 is square plait braided to provide an unusually flexible, formable packing. The base fiber in Stern-Lon is a long-fibered, roved flax of the highest quality. The packing is graphite free to avoid galvanic corrosion on shafts. 329 is first impregnated with concentrated PTFE dispersion to promote non-flowing lubricity and to retard degradation. This is followed with a plasticizing “break-in” lubricant which assures compressibility, flexibility, and good packing-to-shaft contact. Large sizes need not be hammered into place. Finally, in order to minimize frictional attrition, a finely divided fluorocarbon powder is embedded into the surface of the packing. 329 produces little or no shaft or sleeve wear.