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Tank Covers / Hatches / Lids

Lid-Lock PTFE-Based Packing

Chesterton’s Lid-Lock packing is designed specifically to handle the unique sealing requirements of the tank covers, hatches and lids found on marine- and rail-based chemical transport equipment. In an industry where the variety of cargoes being shipped can vary on a frequent basis, it is important to have a universally compatible product sealing the tank lids.The Lid-Lock starts with a rubber core overwrapped with a high quality PTFE film. This core is then overbraided with the non-absorbent, chemically resistant polypropylene yarn. The combination of the two gives this packing its excellent compressibility and elasticity. This flexible core is then wrapped with a double layer of high quality PTFE film. Finally, the Lid-Lock is overbraided with a tough, pure PTFE filament jacket that protects the PTFE film barrier from damage.