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Chesterton 1600 features advanced construction for superior leakage control and high integrity. Layers of graphite tape are plied into compact strands. Each strand is reinforced with an Inconel* wire mesh covering. Strands are square plait braided to form a dense, but pliable packing. It is further enhanced with blocking agents.The packing’s exterior is then densely impregnated with lubricating agents to reduce stem friction and a corrosion inhibitor to prevent pitting.CHESTERTON 1601 is manufactured with the same advanced construction as the 1600. It offers the identical performance but is uniquely formulated to meet the purity requirements of the Nuclear Industry. Certificate of Compliance and Test Analysis available upon request.


CHESTERTON 401 is constructed with wire-reinforced braided yarn which surrounds a flexible and resilient asbestos-free core. The non-asbestos jacketed yarn construction encapsulates the wire reinforcement in the yarn, preventing stem wear and scoring. This special construction makes 401 an economical, non-asbestos, general service valve stem packing for use in high-temperature and high-pressure applications.