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CMS 2000

Chesterton CMS 2000 Maintenance System is the revolutionary advanced stuffing box leakage control sealant made of high purity, reinforced fiber available in graphite and a white non-staining formulation.CMS 2000 pump sealant is provided in bulk form for initial loading and in cartridges for final sealing under pressure to eliminate voids. Cartridges are then used for all subsequent resealing. Chesterton offers two CMS 2000 injection systems.The Manual Injection System which comes in its own case equipped with the manual hydraulic unit, a three foot hose, a one foot hose, a quart of hydraulic fluid, male and female flow-through fittings, a spanner wrench and a CMS 2000 volume calculator.


Multi-Lon® Multi-Lon is a synthetic pump packing, unique to Chesterton, designed specifically for general service pump applications. It is able to deliver performance equal to synthetics but with the pliability of asbestos. Unlike the first generation of synthetic packings,Multi-Lon does not suffer from limitations that prevent general service use. It does not cause severe scoring like many synthetic yarns, does not cause electrolytic pitting like carbon or graphite yarns and does not have the shaft speed limitations or the elongation/extrusion problems often associated with PTFE fiber yarns. Multi-Lon consists of interbraided continuous synthetic thermoset fibers, immunized with PTFE lubricant and a special silicone free break-in, sacrificial lubricant.


Chesterton 1400R is a unique reinforced braided graphite tape packing designed to handle both pump and valve applications. There is a two tiered reinforcement system utilized within the 1400R to make it extrusion resistant and capable of withstanding high operating pressures. Each strand of graphite is reinforced with a carbon filament, and the overall braid is reinforced with additional strands of carbon yarn.The outstanding heat conductivity and extreme temperature resistance of this graphite packing make it an excellent option for water management programs. Because of its thermal characteristics, this packing is capable of sealing many applications with little or no leakage, minimizing the amount of flush required. Unlike synthetic type yarns, this graphite/carbon packing is not strictly dependant on the cooling and lubrication provided by a flush.The compressible graphite tape yarn combined with the carbon reinforcement make this packing a good sealing option on equipment with some sleeve, shaft or stuffing box wear or imperfections.This can mean extended service time before a pump has to be removed or a costly sleeve or shaft replacement.In addition to its excellent sealing capabilities in rotating equipment, 1400R is a superior valve sealing material. This dual purpose design makes it a truely universal mechanical packing.