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Critical Valve Sealing Application High Temperature / Thermal Cycling / Fugitive Emissions


Advanced Valve Stem Packing

• Superior emissions control over thousand of cycles
• Fire safe : Successfully passed API 589 standards at API 607 temperatures and pressures as tested by an independent laboratory
• Easy installation and extrusion resistance in a single-spool packing
• Proven in high pressure/high temperature steam service


Flange Bolt Disc Springs

Bolted, gasketed joints that are subjected to mechanical shock, pressure surges or thermal expansion and contraction are prone to leakage. Disc springs, because they are an elastic mechanical element, compensate for these factors by maintaining bolt force under these conditions.


WedgeSeal with carbon yarn and rings

• Graphite packings sets for fugitive emissions
• Designed specifically for air-operated control valves
• Reduced stem friction, lower actuator tone
• Passes API 589 Fire Test