Chesterton 772 Premium Nickel Anti-Seize Compound

Eases Mechanical Assembly and Disassembly; Ideal for Specialty Alloys


A ​high-performance, nickel-based anti-seize compound. Combines the extreme pressure, corrosion-​resistant anti-seize abilities of micro-fine, colloidal nickel in an oil suspe​nsion that can withstand temperatures up to 1425°C (2597°F).


  • Water resistant; ultra fine 4-7 micron particles
  • Eases mechanical assembly and disassembly up to 1425° C (2597° F)
  • Balanced coefficient of friction eliminates torque recalculations
  • Guards against galling and corrosion protects against self-welding
  • Meets MIL-A-907F
  • Withstands extreme pressure
  • NSF Registered H2​​
  • Applicable where copper use is prohibited
  • For specialty alloys or “certified” applications use 772 Premium Nickel Anti-Seize​​

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PDS Chesterton 772 Premium Nickel Anti-Seize Compound