Chesterton 180H Single Cartridge Seal

High Temperature Seal: Hydropad Face Reduces Heat Generation


An exceptional high temperature seal, the Chesterton180H Single Cartridge Seal uses an advanced hydropad geometry seal face that improves film formation between the mechanical seal faces and significantly enhances face lubricity. The increased film formation between the faces reduces heat generation and increases seal life in many high temperature applications.

Hydropad designs are useful in high-pressure applications-where pressure has a tendency to distort the seal faces and where the face velocity increases heat generation and in sealing fluids that have poor lubrication properties. Hot water applications are a prime area where hydropad technology can be utilized to improve sealing reliability. The 180H seals water at high temperature without environmental controls to temperatures above 260°C (500°F).

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Chesterton 180H Single Cartridge Seal Brochure


Chesterton 180H Single Cartridge Seal Installation Instruction