Chesterton 370 Heat-Dissipating Packing

Best Choice for High Temperatures


This unique, carbon and graphite construction packing provides plant-wide utility off a single spool. Chesterton 370 is manufactured from a high-quality carbon yarn incorporated with particles of pure graphite, high-temperature tolerant oils, and molybdenum disulfide, all of which act as long-life lubricants and blocking agents. The low-friction carbon yarn has exceptional high-temperature capability in a non-oxidizing environment. *

*Can be certified to less than 200 ppm leachable chloride. Consult factory for specific chemical assay.

Features & Benefits :
  • Design for high-temp seal conditions
  • Fast break-in
  • Controls leakage with minimal friction​​​​
  • Reduced leakage and flushing

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PDS Chesterton 370 Heat-Dissipating Packing


SDS Chesterton 370 Heat-Dissipating Packing