Chesterton 395 Tapping Lubricant

Clean, Clear, Mineral Oil-Based Cutting Fluid for Aluminum and Soft Alloys


A non-corrosive, non-staining compound that can be used on all metals, including aluminum and aluminum alloys. Chesterton 395 is formulated with refined mineral oil and special lubricity additives to provide improved machinability and cutting accuracy.

  • High viscosity clings to tools
  • Contains no chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • Will not corrode aluminum or other soft metals
  • Excellent lubricity for softer metals
  • Improves cutting accuracy
  • Clear, colorless, non-staining
  • Pleasant, mild odor
  • Improves machinability, frees chip movement, and reduces drag
  • Minimizes galling; promotes a uniform cut
  • Prolongs life of cutting tools
  • Increases production rate
  • NSF registered

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PDS Chesterton 395 Tapping Lubricant