Chesterton 662 FG: H1 Food-Grade Barrier Fluid 22

Barrier Fluid Engineered Especially for Mechanical Seals.


Chesterton 662 FG is an ISO VG Grade 22 high-performance lubricant designed specifically as a barrier fluid for double mechanical seal applications. Chesterton 662 FG is suitable for all industrial and food/beverage/pharmaceutical applications. It is NSF H1 registered.

The ultra-clean Chesterton 662 FG delivers premium thermal stability while minimizing the abrasive-particle wear of the seal faces and extending equipment life.

NOTE:​  For high temperatures above 120˚ C (250˚ F) use 610HT Synthetic Fluid in non-food grade applications.


  • ​Ultra clean barrier fluid—extremely low particle count designed to minimize face wear and extend seal life
  • ISO 4406 particle count 14/12/10
  • NSF H1 registered, incidental food contact
  • FDA: Conforms to FDA 21 CFR 178.3620 a & b 178.3570
  • Minimize carbon formation and resulting seal clogging and hang up
  • Maintains seal face lubrication
  • Viscosity: ISO 22 at 40C, < 4 cSt at 100° C
  • Long-term stability minimizes replacement seal and fluid costs
  • Compatible with most fluids (mineral oil, PAO, and diester: not miscible with glycols or silicones)

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Chesterton 662 FG: H1 Food-Grade Barrier Fluid 22