Chesterton 800 GoldEnd® Sealant Tape

Seals Tightly; Oxygen Safe; Chemically Resistant.


Heavy-duty, high-density, tear-resistant, moldable, PTFE sealing tape for use on metal or plastic threads, pipes, or bolts.

  • Temperatures from -240° C (-400° F) to 260° C (500° F)
  • Seals tightly and opens easily​​​
  • UL listed
  • Meets MIL-T – 2773O – A
  • NSF registered H1, P1
  • Acceptable for oxygen use
  • Non-aging, non-hardening
  • Chemically resistant
  • Requires fewer wraps
  • Resists tearing and breakage
  • Won’t clog fuel lines
  • Adjust fittings without leakage

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PDS Chesterton 800 GoldEnd® Sealant Tape