Sigraflex® Hochdruck and Hochdruck Pro

Sigraflex® Hochdruck and Hochdruck Pro  allows end users in power plants including nuclear power plants, the chemical and petrochemical industries and refineries to cover almost their entire flat gasket requirements with a highly reliable and safe product.

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Sigraflex® Hochdruck and Hochdruck Pro is an universal sealing sheet and also use for solving sealing problems in pipework, vessels, process equipment, tongue-and-groove flanges as well as difficult and mechanically highly stressed sealed joints and non-standard joints or special dimensions in the chemical, petrochemical and nuclear industries, refineries and in power generation plants. The sealing sheets contain an oxidation as well a passive corrosion inhibitor and are impregnated to reduce leakage and improve handling.


PDS Sigraflex® Hochdruck


PDS Sigraflex® Hochdruck Pro