STYLE 3110


Teadit® Style 3110 is a braided tube – folded flat to form a tape – from pure expanded, flexible graphite. Style 3110 is a very versatile gasket material for static applications. It has excellent temperature resistance and can be used with a wide variety of media. It comes in the following different cross-sections: 15 x 4mm, 25 x 3mm, 20 x 4mm, 30 x 4,5mm, 40 x 5mm, 25 x 6mm and 50 x 6mm. It is available with or without adhesive backing. Also available with Inconel reinforcement as style 3110/I.

It is suitable as a static seal for metallic and non-metallic flanges, lids, covers, hatches, reactors, autoclaves, heaters, etc. and for most media in a wide variety of processes, including steam, fuel, gases, mineral and synthetic oils, effluents,condensate, process water, etc.

It is not suitable for highly oxidizing media.

It will easily form an endless seal. Because of the suppleness of the expanded graphite, style 3110 will conform perfectly to any dimension and shape. Easy and quick to install. Can be used throughout a plant because of extremely high thermal and chemical resistance. It is also available with adhesive backing for easy application to sealing surface.