Lubri-Cup™ ​OL 500 Oiler

“Pulse” Delivery; Automatic Lubrication System for Oils


Chesterton’s most advanced, uniquely designed Micro Processor controlled, electro-mechanical, Single- and Multi-Point Automatic Lubricator for oiled systems. Refillable, reusable, oil is purchased separately.

Automatically dispenses Chesterton oil to critical areas, eliminates over and under lubrication.​

These robust units have a compact, convenient and sturdy design that is simple to operate and maintain.​


  • Microprocessor controlled “pulsed” delivery system
  • Programmable – operates up to 12 months
  • Replaceable battery pack or external power supply
  • Lubricates up to 4 points up to 6m (19 ft) away
  • Sealed microprocessor, rugged metal pump and fittings

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Chesterton Lubri-Cup Automatic Grease Dispensers Brochure