STYLE 2026


Teadit® Style 2026 is diagonally braided from textured glass-fibre yarn, impregnated throughout with PTFE-dispersion and a silicone-free break-in lubricant. It is a very dense and supple packing and has good chemical resistance.

TEADIT® Style 2026 is recommended for use in rotary and reciprocating pumps, valves, mixers and agitators etc. in the pulp and paper, petroleum, chemical and food industry. It is also suitable for sugar mills and water treatment plants. Style 2026 can be used with water, steam, solvents, oils, most chemicals, mild acids and lyes, etc.

It is not suitable for concentrated acids and lyes, oxygen.

Style 2026 is a multi-service packing suitable for a wide variety of applications throughout a plant.