STYLE 2422


Teadit® Style 2422 is diagonally braided from natural Ramie fibre, densely impregnated with a PTFE-compound, lubricated. Style 2422 combines good elasticity and flexibility with a low coefficient of friction.

It is a very versatile packing for rotary and reciprocating pumps, also suitable for valves. It can be used in many different industries for less demanding applications including the pulp and paper, marine and food industry. Because Ramie does not rot or decompose, style 2422 is an excellent packing for stern glands and rudder post glands. It is suitable for cold and hot water, hydrous solutions containing solids, cellulose slurry, brine, oils, greases, etc.

It is not suitable for acids and highly concentrated lyes, oxygen.

It is flexible and resilient and installs easliy. Low shaft wear.