Teadit 30SH

Highly advanced large gasket-sheet


The revision of the calculation standard EN1591 (2014 version) strongly increased the pressure on manufacturers of PTFE sheets and gaskets to improve the materials mechanical properties.

The revised version of this standard demands substantially improved mechanical material characteristics for successful flange calculations. In particular, the creep behavior has a great influence on the calculations as well as on the maximum permissible surface pressure.

In addition the VCI (German Chemical Industry Association) guideline for flange assemblies requests in “Appendix C“ that a minimum PQR value of 0,45 (under maximum operating temperature) shall be met.

The reason that Teadit 30SH fulfils above is credited to a much more homogeneous and considerably finer fibrillation of the material.

The improvements of the new Teadit 30SH material are also reflected in the maximum permissible gasket stress Qsmax. According to EN13555 the shrinking of the inner diameter must be considered for Qsmax determination. While the Qsmax value for most PTFE gaskets has to be significantly reduced, particularly at elevated temperatures, this is not the case with Teadit 30SH gaskets!

If your application requires the best creep relaxation properties available in the market today, or simply ensure successful EN1591 (2014 version) calculations, then you should select the ePTFE sheet material Teadit 30SH.

Teadit 30 SH is the best PTFE sheet solution on the market with the outstanding combination of food and drug compliance and superior mechanical characteristics.

The data sheets according EN13555 can be viewed in the data bases.

NOTE: Teadit 30SH carries all relevant tests and approvals like TA Luft, blow-out safety, FDA, 1935/2004, USP Class VI, BAM. Teadit 30SH sheets are available on short call, both in printed or embossed version.