Chesterton 730 Spragrip® Belt Dressing

Reduces Belt Slippage; Conditions and Prevents Hardening


A superior energy-efficient belt dressing in a convenient aerosol package. Chesterton 730 Spragrip® lengthens the life of leather, rubber, canvas, or polymer belts. It also reduces belt slippage for all V, flat, and round belts. Chesterton 730 Spragrip® Belt Dressing improves grip and reduces slip.

  • Eliminates slippage
  • No glazing or hardening
  • Pin-point spray
  • Contains no rosin, asphalt, oil, or aggressive solvents
  • Saves energy, restores mechanical efficiency
  • Non-staining
  • NSF registered
  • Collects less dirt, no build-up
  • Preserves belts in inventory
  • Waterproofs and prevents slipping even under the most humid conditions
  • Controls belt slippage due to moisture, dust, heat, and cold
  • Prevents UV rays, chemical fumes, and water​

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PDS Chesterton 730 Spragrip® Belt Dressing