STYLE 2900


Teadit® Style 2900 is TEADIT style 2900 is made from Nylon 6 yarn , impregnated with PTFE-dispersion. It is a very light and supple packing with good thermal and chemical resistance.

It is suitable for slow turning shafts and static applications in a wide variety of industries. This packing is very popular with the paper industry, where it is being used on washer drums and similar applications. It can be used in connection with mild acids and alkalis, water, steam (up to temperature limit only, for short periods up to 115°C), brine, gases, etc.

It is not suitable for concentrated acids and lyes, oxygen.

Style 2900 has low density results in high yield per kg. This soft and supple packing conforms well to irregularities and/or small damages on the sealing areas