STYLE 2007

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Teadit® packing Style 2007 is diagonally braided from pure, expanded PTFE-yarn with incorporated graphite, lubricated with silicone oil. The suppleness, chemical resistance, low coefficient of friction and excellent heat dissipation properties of PTFE/graphite make TEADIT style 2007 one of the most widely used and most versatile packings in the market. WRAS approval.

It is very versatile pump packing, can also be used for valves, mixers, agitators, etc. Style 2007 is particularly well suited for service involving high peripheral speeds and temperatures, where pure PTFE packings fail. It can be safely used for almost all chemical applications including the most aggressive ones.

Teadit style 2007 can – because of its extremely wide range of applications – successfully replace many other packings and reduce stock inventories considerably. This packing has been – after extensive testing over a long period – approved by Sunds Defibrators in Sweden for use in their refiners and similar equipment for the pulp- and paper industry. WRc approval.

It is not suitable for highly oxidizing media like oleum, fuming nitric acid, aqua regia, gaseous fluorine, lacquer and paints.